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Automatically file automated email such as newsletters, notifications, etc..

AutoFile automatically moves incoming "bacn" email - including newsletters, social networking notifications, shopping email, etc. - to categorized folders.  AutoFile comes pre-configured with filing rules for common automated email and is updated over time.  You can also create your own AutoFile rules. 

Automatically file automated bacn email

AutoFile Rules

Create custom autofile rulesAutoFile Rules AutoFile comes pre-configured with filing rules for common senders of automated email. These rules are updated over time as ClearContext users identify new senders. Create your own custom AutoFile rules in one of two ways:

See below for AutoFile rule configuration options.

AutoFile Sidebar

The AutoFile tab on the Sidebar provides a tool to view and manage these emails.

AutoFiled Messages

See automatically filed unread messagesThe top section of the AutoFile tab shows a count of all unread messages across all AutoFile groups:

Filing Groups

View unread filed messages by groupOpen the Dashboard to see an unread count of messages filed by group (Shopping, Social, Travel, etc.).  From here:


Unread Messages

Act on filed messages in the unread paneThe message list at the bottom of AutoFile tab shows all unread email for the chosen group.  Messages are grouped by sender.  You can act on individual messages via the Actions or right-click menus:




AutoFile Options

Autofile Options

Open Options to configure the service.  The following options are available:

Review email filed and your email activityDaily Digest

The Daily Digest is sent to your Inbox once/day and lists all messages filed over the last 24 hours.  Use this message to ensure that you don't miss an important AutoFiled email.  Click on a filing group to jump to the folder that contains the filed messages.  The Daily Digest also provides some email usage and responsiveness statistics for the last 24 hours.  Disable the Daily Digest via ClearContext > Options > AutoFile.